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The Olympian Artist is 3-time Olympian Lanny Barnes Siggins. She competed in Biathlon in the 2006, 2010, & 2014 Olympics. She has a twin sister Tracy who she competed together with in Torino, Italy in 2006. Lanny competed in the Vancouver Canada Olympics in 2010 where Tracy was the alternate. Lanny posted the best US finish in 16 years for the US women at those Olympic Games and both girls made history and inspired the world when Tracy selflessly gave Lanny her spot on the Sochi, Russia 2014 Olympic team after Lanny fell ill during the final trials and wasn’t able to complete all the races. Tracy was given the United Nations UNESCO International Fair Play award and the US Olympic Committee Inspiration Award for her selfless act and for demonstrating true Olympic Spirit.

Lanny started drawing and painting at an early age and despite very little instruction in art, she became a professional artist in 2000. She specializes in wildlife art in charcoal, but has done everything from still life, to portraits, to landscapes in every form of media. Art has always been a big passion for Lanny and while training for the Olympics she also expanded and grew her talent as an artist. She plans to continue her career as an artist and hopes to one day open up her own gallery.

Besides her art business, Lanny also started a firearms training institute called T.O.P. Shooting Institute, otherwise known as “The Olympian Project” with her twin sister Tracy. They teach military, law enforcement, competitive shooters and hunters how to shoot with an elevated heart rate and under stress. After developing the skills necessary to shoot while under extreme physical and mental stress for the past 15 years they wanted to share these unique skills and what they learned with others. The twins spend a majority of their free time traveling around to schools, 4-H clubs, Boys & Girls Clubs, Boys & Girls Scouts, etc. talking to them about following their dreams, setting goals, and leading a healthy active lifestyle. Check out Lanny's Athlete website www.lannyoakley.com and Tracy and Lanny's TOP Website-www.topshootinginstitute.com.
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